Cloud Backup and Recovery

Rapid cloud backup & disaster recovery within your reach!

rapid-rebound_rgbRapid Rebound — for express recovery; to the cloud and beyond …

Not just another backup service to the cloud for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Rapid Rebound enables a rapid-fire return to business after a disaster— in as little as 6 to 24 hours!

A completely integrated disaster recovery solution

When it comes to data center recovery, everyone in your organization is counting on you to ensure business continuity.

With Rapid Rebound, you’ll have a completely integrated disaster recovery solution at your fingertips, empowering you to rise above any disaster.

High-speed backup recovery means back to business faster

What makes Rapid Rebound so much faster than any other SMB backup systems?

With other disaster recovery providers, you need to physically bring your backup data tape to their data center for recovery after a disaster. Or you might very well be backing up to the cloud, but there’s no recovery infrastructure to which you can restore your data and applications.

But with Rapid Rebound, you not only get the recovery infrastructure you need, but recovery is fast, and you’re back in business quicker than you ever thought possible.

Why choose Rapid Rebound?

Find out now… or, call 888-398-6235 for a free consultation or for more information. We specialize in solutions for small to medium businesses (SMBs) like yours. One of our SMB technology specialists will be happy to answer your questions.